a Yesterday’s Promise

“You came.” I said breathlessly. I shivered as the ocean breeze touches my bare skin.

You didn’t response. You just stand there. Staring at me intently.

I ask. “What’s wrong?”

Again, you didn’t response. But instead you pulled me to your warm arms. I suddenly smiled. Your scent, it’s still the same when we first met.

I closed my eyes, hugged you back as memories of yesterday’s came back.

“You’ll wait for me, right?”

My forehead creased, confused.

I opened my eyes, expecting to meet your ocean blue ones but you we’re gone.

I looked for you. Shouted your name. But no one came.

I gasped for air. Breathing heavily.

Where are you?

Tears roll down my cheeks. Realized it was just a memory that sneak out of my eyes. A yesterday’s promise.


-RJ A. (a Yesterday’s Promise)




Don’t be. Be afraid if you’re just sitting there waiting it to happen. Stand up. Stand up so high! Leave your fear, doubts. Just be fearless. Don’t just wish for it, make it happen. Strive harder. Be passionate. Let them know you exist.

Explore more of you

  1. Do more than you usually do. Unusual things, Go out of your comfort zone. Try more different things. It would make you feel alive. Even more.
  2. Travel by yourself. You suprisingly find peace. Try this!
  3. Read more books. Surround yourself with books.
  4. Give yourself more time. What i mean time is doing things by yourself, standing on your own. Discover more of you. Don’t limit yourself.
  5. Go to places you’ve love and dream to travel.

Do you ever feel lost?

Do you? Me too. I’m lost, i lost myself. Mistakes, regrets, sinisi ko ang sarili ko. Until i lost my confidence, my passion. I’m trying hard to fit in. I know that was a mistakes. Life is so unbalanced. And i felt like i’m loosing hope. A read some quotes saying ‘Stars can’t shine without darkness’ But what if may ulan? sunod sunod. Is there any chances na mag shine uli ‘yong Star na iyon if there’s something preventing it to Shine even brighter?