a Yesterday’s Promise

“You came.” I said breathlessly. I shivered as the ocean breeze touches my bare skin.

You didn’t response. You just stand there. Staring at me intently.

I ask. “What’s wrong?”

Again, you didn’t response. But instead you pulled me to your warm arms. I suddenly smiled. Your scent, it’s still the same when we first met.

I closed my eyes, hugged you back as memories of yesterday’s came back.

“You’ll wait for me, right?”

My forehead creased, confused.

I opened my eyes, expecting to meet your ocean blue ones but you we’re gone.

I looked for you. Shouted your name. But no one came.

I gasped for air. Breathing heavily.

Where are you?

Tears roll down my cheeks. Realized it was just a memory that sneak out of my eyes. A yesterday’s promise.


-RJ A. (a Yesterday’s Promise)